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Jim Murdock

The Blankenschipf Curse

Rube Winters discovers that he shares a family curse after he survives his head caught between the altar spindles at Communion, and his first date ends in a shotgun blast.  There is a rib-tickling ski accident, the interruption of his wedding by a pet parrot, a life-threatening accident to his wife and unborn child, a divorce, the death of his girlfriend's family and his own accident.

Seeking answers, he  re-unites with his old professor at The Source, a magic spot in the mountains where he finds the meaning of life and health.

A rogue narrator provides the inside scoop.

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Paige Mercer Cummings

Under the Liberty Oak
is a taut, fast-paced mystery which adroitly shifts between the tumultuous events of the summer of 1964 and the present life of concert pianist Brittan Lee Hayworth as new discoveries unleash old and painful memories.  That summer in Liberty, a coastal Georgia town, civil rights workers and riders of the invisible empire clash as a new South is being born.  For ten-year old Brittan Lee and her best friend Beth Ann, it is a foreboding time in which old loyalties and the mettle of new friends are put to the test.  A cataclysmic  fire causes two deaths and a young girl mysteriously vanishes leaving Liberty and Brittan Lee in turmoil.

Now grown and living in Chicago, Brittan Lee has waited patiently for forty years to hear from her old friend; when it comes, a maelstrom of old losses and personal demons are released.  Returning to Liberty to confront them, Brittan Lee is thrust into the center of an FBI investigation and the realization that someone wants her dead before she helps unlock secrets buried deep for four decades.

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Dac Crossley

When the winds of revolution swept through Mexico, they spawned gangs of bandits who raided aross the Rio Grande into Texas.  Only a small company of Texas Rangers stood between the ruthless raiders and the farms, ranches and villages of south Texas.  The Rangers fought to impose the rule of law in a time of fear and confusion, relying on the courage of their colleagues for their survival.

Guns Across the Rio: A Texas Ranger in Old Mexico acquaints the reader with three men, Texas Rangers all, that they will see through the Border Series.  The first one highlighted is Nacho Ybarro, who slips across the Rio into Mexico and confronts the revolutionary bandit Pancho Villa.

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