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About Us- Dac, Paige and Jim
Dac Crossley

When the winds of revolution swept through Mexico, they spawned gangs of bandits who raided across the Rio Grande into Texas.  Only a small company of Texas Rangers stood between the ruthless raiders and the farms, ranches and villages of south Texas.  The Rangers fought to impose the rule of law in a time of fear and confusion, relying on the courage of their colleages for their survival.

Guns Across the Rio: A Texas Ranger in Old Mexico acquaints the reader with three men, Texas Rangers all, that they will see throughout the Border Series.  The first one highlighted is Nacho Ybarra, who slips across the Rio into Mexico and confronts the revolutionary bandit Pancho Villa.

A native of Texas, Dac Crossley grew up listening to stories of fast horses and old cars, bandits and gunfights, forgotten trails and train tracks, cantinas and barroom shootouts.  Now an emeritus professor at the University of Georgia, Dac continues to explore his Texas roots by exploring fact and fiction about the Border.  He is a member of the Southern Scribes and The White Car Gang, and is a Harriette Austin writer.

Paige Mercer Cummings

A Brunswick, Georgia native and now Athens resident, Paige Mercer Cummings writes with the ease and command of an authentic Southern voice. Twice retired- as a Navy Officer and Red Cross executive, Paige, when not writing, volunters with several Athens-based organizations for the homeless and medically indigent. She counts among her loyal fans her  husband, Mike, and their three home-schooled cats.  

 Under the Liberty Oak  is a taut fast-paced mystery which adroitly shifts between the tumultuous events on the Georgia coast in the summer of 1964, and the present-day life of concert pianist Brittan Lee Hayworth.  Read more about Under the Liberty Oak on the Our Titles Page. See more about the Georgia coast at or contact Paige at

Jim Murdock

Jim Murdock is an author whose unique style is captured in his recently published novel, The Blankenschipf Curse. This book is entertaining, thought-provoking and brings a message to the reader. He is currently working on Moochie's Place, a story with interesting characters who will tickle your funny bone.  Learn more about Jim  at

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